Nature the designer, has a way with patterns.  Some may be well defined or repeated while others may be completely random.

This post is in response to WordPress’ Weekly Photo Challenge.   For more information on the topic pop over to the site for Sara Rosso challenge

25 thoughts on “Patterns

      1. Thank you, Liz. Yes , it’s a rough and beautiful country and the 17th of Mai is coming up. Keep your fingers crossed for sunshine for the children’s parade… 🙂

  1. Not only are the photos themselves amazing, but I find it amazing that you spotted the patterns and were able to photograph them. Especially the zebra. How did you get so close?

    1. .. right the zebra get twitchy when close up – a 200-400mm lens on x2 teleconverter does the trick 🙂 The gear is seriously heavy though, have a neat gadget that clips over the car window to make a steady platform – works a treat. The other two shots were macro shots using extension tubes, that opens a whole other world of pattern and design. Thanks as always for your comments and dropping by 🙂

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