Tricoloured Tiger Moth

I always like solving a good mystery and recently i had the chance to connect these dots …..Whose eggs are these? Tricoloured tiger moth Tricoloured-tiger-moth-caterpillarIt’s quite startling that this hairy orange caterpillar is the larva of the elegantly patterned Tricoloured Tiger moth.  The eggs it lays look so much like small seed pearls, and out erupt these hairy little critters.   In our garden we have a policy of catch and release (banished to the wilderness) particularly when it comes to the hungry hordes of the caterpillar league;  and this is one worm that the birds tend to avoid!

13 thoughts on “Tricoloured Tiger Moth

  1. Wonderful! The first shot, I thought I was viewing ball bearings. I love that macro changes up the universe and allows us to view nature from a fresh perspective.

    1. It has a gorgeous red designed undercarriage, and the antennae come up in tufts of brown….. flies rather like a bi-plane. I was wondering what happens after they’ve laid their eggs and how long they survive. That’s still part of the puzzle…. Thanks as always for your comments, Gilly 🙂

  2. This is absolutely amazing Liz ! How did you manage to find those eggs? Humm..extension tubes. Interesting. With this work, I can see I need them. I’m assuming they’re different lengths? Which is your favorite?

    1. Eggs were a surprise gift on the glass pane of my front door! I’m tracking progress of that clutch, while a hatch in the laundry is erupting – hundreds of minute larvae. Still playing with the tubes… 36mm, 20mm, and 12mm. It depends on the subject matter too.. how close one wants to get! They can also be used stacked altogether, not sure what ratio reproduction i’m getting. My lens is 1:1, think i;m achieving 1:3 with the tubes? My next step is to try experimenting with ring lighting. Must admit i’m hooked, can recommend the tubes 🙂

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