Female baboons become raiders

Female-baboon-raidingAs more of the Cape Peninsula’s male baboons are euthanased the structure of the troops’ change.  Without the male ranking and pecking order to hold them back, the wily females are launching their own raiding tactics.  Here this female scored at the picnic area at Bordjie’s Rif.   Sad to think that we humans encourage this behavior which leads to possible aggression by not securing the environment to prevent access to easy food.


12 thoughts on “Female baboons become raiders

  1. That’s a wonderful image of a very sad situation. I don’t ever see baboons but in the world I live in we have a comparable plight summed up in the saying: “A fed bear is a dead bear.”

    1. Yes, it’s not healthy; they go for the carbs and sugars. Had one baboon raiding at night, we think to fix his sugar habit. Their future doesn’t bode well, one wonders how long City will continue to fund the management when there are so many other pressing issues.

  2. Very sad indeed. Awareness is a significant key in changing our behavior, and you raise awareness via your lovely blog.

    I’ve missed much here in the past couple months, Liz, but am looking forward to seeing what winter brings you.

    1. What a heartening comment re the significance of awareness, thanks Sid 🙂 Have missed your thoughtful comments of late. Just wish our wildlife authorities would get their act together and start enforcing the no feeding laws and tighten up on managing the environment….

  3. This picture says it all, Liz. It is a sad reality that we consider ourselves as the owners of this planet. In India, the situation is slightly different but more dangerous. Here forests are being cleared and mountains are being blown off because the apparently the land is rich in minerals like bauxite which have a great value in the world market. It is innocent animals, trees, mountains, ponds, rivers that have to pay the price for our “growth” and “development”.

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