Wintery components

Lying in a winter rain belt region, the Cape Peninsula has a pretty dynamic weather pattern at this time of the year.    Mother nature lifts up her skirts and comes raging across the bay with the Nor’westerlies, hurling squall lines, lifting spume and spindrift while the rain drives in hard.   It’s a miserable time for many people, particularly those living in informal settlements located in low-lying areas alongside the wetlands.  Disaster management teams are on standby, and there is always a call for warm clothing, blankets and food for the needy.  Yet enough rain must fall in the catchment areas to fill the dams to last the long dry summer months ahead.   At this stage they are looking healthy at 70% capacity and upwards.  For the earth it’s a time of replenishment, and after the rains have cleared, the scent of it is rich and heady.  A great stirring of the undergrowth, voices … frogs, aquatic things croaking in pitch and harmony.

12 thoughts on “Wintery components

  1. I love to see your photos Liz. It’s so much different from what I’m used to see here in North America. Africa fascinates me and I would love to travel there some day. A great post, with beautiful photos 🙂

    1. Thank you Jocelyne for your encouraging comments. Good to read of your interest, curiosity. Africa is full of diversity, that’s for sure! Hope you make it all the way down to it’s southern end 🙂

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