The Snow Monkey Macaques

Dear Readers, for the next few weeks you’ll notice a change in location and subjects as I head off on a magical mystery tour. The adventure starts in Japan, and here are some shots of the magnificent Japanese macaques – those famous “Snow Monkeys”. Although the summer temperatures here are in the upper 20’s C, they appear to relish being in the water (which is regulated to a cooler temperature). What a delight it’s been to watch their antics around the pool. I was surprised at their ability to swim and dive below the water holding their breath. If you’re interested in seeing them via Live-cam with a view of the pool, go to – There are about 160 members in this particular troop. Visitors are warned not to display food, or to feed the creatures. Although they are habituated to humans, they display no interest in these inquisitive primates and get on with their daily routine without being bothered by the close proximity.

15 thoughts on “The Snow Monkey Macaques

    1. They’re fascinating creatures… my first impression was of a more ‘refined’ facial structure and vulnerability than the robust looking baboons of the Cape. Would liked to have more time to study them… and in winter with the snow… 🙂

  1. Beautiful captures, Liz! Stefano Crosio presented them to us some time ago and here they come again, quite different with other poses now, a true pleasure to watch. Thanks for the live cam!! 🙂 I’d like to go there!

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