16 thoughts on “One shot, two ways

    1. Appreciate your comments, Bente. The first’s my preferred shot. In an area which has minimal rain, the river ‘speaks’ – comes to the fore. I like to experiment with angles…. brings up different aspects.

  1. I like them both, but like Bente I prefer the first image. Can you tell us something about it and how you captured it? Is the second one a wide angle shot? Lovely landscape Liz, great colours, where is this?
    Greetings from the Rhine Valley

    1. Lovely to get your comments, Dina. The shot is taken in the Cedarberg, a sparsely populated area 2 hours north of Cape Town. It’s a wild landscapes with ancient eroded mountains. Water is an important aspect, so i would choose the first over the second as it highlights the ‘nature’ of the river. Unfortunately wasn’t able to check the exif data as travelling with my iPad and pix on iCloud. I reckon i probably used my wide angle 12 – 24mm lens for the second shot and 18 -70mm for the portrait orientation.

    1. As always, appreciate your comments 🙂 This challenge’s fairly subjective 🙂 The scene is set in the Cedarberg – quite an arid area with wide horizons…. water and space tend to overide other aspects.

  2. A perfect example of varying perspective and composition. Like others I too prefer the first one more. Perhaps because it focuses more on the foreground which has some really interesting shapes and patterns and it fills up most of the space in the frame thereby giving one a feeling of actually being in that place:)

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Uday. This week’s challenge was a useful one… good to analyse what works and pay attention to detail. I find i tend to see the horizontal plane more readily than the vertical… good to get your comment on the foreground 🙂

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