Furano: Flower fusion

Couldn’t help but post a mix of colour – with effect to portray the profusion of flowers, both cultivated and growing wild on the island of Hokkaido. Thanks to Michael Lai at Diary of a Retiree, and his descriptive post on the rainbow flowers, i included Furano in my travel itinerary.
All rights reserved – Liz Hardman 2013.

20 thoughts on “Furano: Flower fusion

    1. Yes, Michael’s posts are inspiring! Have even started to look more closely at bridge design and I have a whole bucket list of places… which now include some of the destinations you highlight 🙂

    1. Yes – was very happy to have spotted Michael’s posts :). The complex layering of the Japanese form and convention challenges my western perspective. This riot of colour in carefully planted rows is something else. Spontaneous abstracts emerged….

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