Good Morning False Bay!

The commuter buzz outside my windows in the morning always has me smiling. As the first rays of sun peep up over the Hottentot Holland mountain range, batches of cormorants set out to sea to catch a meal of shoal fish for the day. Their numbers are intriguing, thousands fly past in a morning and return at dusk

As much a part of the early morning cuppa, is the sight of Cape Cormorants flying past and out to sea.
As much a part of the early morning cuppa, is the sight of Cape Cormorants flying past and out to sea.
This post is in response to Michlle’s WPC: Good Morning. For further pictures visit here and take a peek at other participants’ morning rituals.

19 thoughts on “Good Morning False Bay!

    1. Thanks for comment, Gilly.. always great to see you through the ether 🙂 Perhaps the reason may lie in the feeding grounds? Here False Bay is likened to the Serengeti Plains of the sea….. healthy shoal fish and food chain.

  1. Great shot! Last year I saw a huge group of cormorants, many juveniles, gathering on a brackish pond in late September, ready to migrate, I guess. Of course, that was here in the States, on Long Island, actually.

  2. Cormorants are amazing aren’t they? We have many here on Kiawah, and just saw them being used for fishing in China–have you heard of that? Truly bizarre. Anyway, love your photo!

    1. Yes, they’re beautifully adapted water birds… Heard about cormorant fishing in Japan, but didn’t get to witness the action. Just loved that a couple of wild cormorants had flown the coop and were diving in the Royal moat catching their own meals… nice fat plump koi.

  3. I am fascinated by cormorants. We have them here in the summer. I was so inspired by them this year, I am working a collage piece and an acrylic painting. Have you read about some of the myths Associated With them? We have a lot of really interesting ones here in Norway.

    1. That’s intriguing… i didn’t know their role in mythology. Went into a couple of sites to read up, interesting though i wouldn’t have associated them with the dark side of nature. I enjoy reading about Norse lore… that’s a dynamic landscape for rich story telling. I

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