New Arrivals

Sighted this evening: the first of the baby rock hyrax (dassies).  It’s a happy occasion as the numbers over winter had decreased, we suspect that the local ‘rooikat’ (lynx) has been enjoying a high protein diet.


The first of the season's litters makes an appearance.  They're remarkably tough and agile, at just a week old.
The first of the season’s litters makes an appearance. They’re remarkably tough and agile, at just a week old.

Dassie mums


20 thoughts on “New Arrivals

  1. They are amazing, Liz! I’ve never seen or heard of them so I had to look it up. They are called Klippschliefer or Klippdachs in German and I suppose in Norwegian it would be Fjellgrevling. They have funny feet! 🙂
    At first I thought it was the same kind I met at Machu Picchu, but obviously this animals are more at home in your lovely region. Great captures, Liz. They look wonderful. And a bit skeptical. 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. The great part about these little critters are that they are related to elephant and manatees…. those funny feet have similarities to the relatives. I get the klippdachs … got me curious about those in Machu Picchu – will have a google. I like your description, another blogger put it as being ‘snarky’ … gives them character 🙂

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