Spotted Thick-knee

Generally these mottled birds like to blend in and settle for well camouflaged nesting areas, but here in broad-day light is a highly visible pair nesting smack in the middle of an open grassy patch bordering two houses. They have nested in the area before, but closer to the shelter of the scrubby vegetation, or just beyond the high-tide mark in a stony area on the beach.Β  The incubation period is about twenty-four days and it will be interesting to see if they are successful in raising any chicks.Β  Usually they lay up during the day and tend to be active at dusk and into the evening when their mournful song adds a haunting note to the background sounds of the night.

Dikkop or Spotted Thick-kneeBurhinus capensis

8 thoughts on “Spotted Thick-knee

    1. Yes, their coloration is quite striking … rather like tall plovers. I think their strategy could be that they have a vantage of sighting skulking mongooses by being out in the open? But then they are vulnerable to aerial attack…. see what happens next πŸ™‚ Thanks for dropping by, Gilly πŸ™‚

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