Spotted Thick-knee Chick

About two months ago I posted an item on a pair of Spotted Thick-Knees nesting in the middle of an exposed grassy patch; there were doubts on their choice of nesting site, and sure enough they moved to a more secluded spot closer to vegetation.  Still it’s an area close to a pathway leading a beach and the holiday visitors have been pretty active this past fortnight.   It takes an average of twenty-four days for the chicks to hatch -and we feared that the parents may have been disturbed too often for success.  Passing by today, we were distressed to see that they had left the nest and on closer inspection we found an abandoned egg –Spotted Thick-knee eggHow perfectly the splotchy pattern on the egg is camouflaged amongst the leaf litter.  The nest is barely a scrape in the ground.   I caught sight of the parents some distance away, standing as still as a sentries, and there happily was one small and fluffy little chick.  Not quite too steady on it’s ungainly legs, but nevertheless ducking to and fro between it’s parents.  It will be interesting to watch it’s progress …..

Thick knee chick_03

6 thoughts on “Spotted Thick-knee Chick

  1. Beautiful birds – let’s hope the little chick is a strong and healthy one. Amazing how they made it despite all the people passing by.

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