21 thoughts on “Object: Focal Point

    1. Very much the ‘sense of place’. It’s good to get your feedback, Gilly, thanks. Just to capture that moment was one of elation – to see how small and vulnerable the cormorant looks agains the power of the thundering sea, and the raw rocks… yet to be in awe that those are the elements where this species thrives.

    1. Hi Viveka, thanks for your comments. It’s interesting getting feedback – the rocks certainly dominate the shot showing up the heave of the sea. Each component adds to the shot… if the bird wasn;t in the frame, we wouldn’t perhaps see how the other elements work …. It’s a wild and wonderful spot to sit and watch cormorants soar, and play within reach of the waves.

      1. It’s a very powerful photo … and I thought so too – that the bird just came in the way … the waves you captured beautifully – not easy to make waves look powerful and big .. They go flat most of the time in photos, at least on mine.

  1. For me, it’s the bird. In my photography, I use an expression – “the hot spot” – to identify the heart of an image. In this photo, to my eye and sensibilities, the bird is the hot spot. It’s where there is a story, where there is emotion.
    Great photo – love it.

    1. Appreciate the insight, and your way of seeing the context of a picture. It’s constructive to get feedback – and i very much like your explanation. Sitting high up on the cliffs above, i felt a sense of elation knowing how small and insignificant the bird was to the immensity of the sea’s raw power, and yet so much at home in that wild place. Thanks for the visit.

    1. Thanks… oh! I revel in those wild and dynamic kind of places – take to wings like that cormorant! Actually the drop over the edge of the cliffs is quite precipitous, and as always i have a compunction to be drawn to the very edge.

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