WPC: Selfie

Cherie Lucas, challenges us this week to explore elements of the “Selfie”  :  “Depending on your view, perhaps art isn’t the most fitting term, but whether you love it or hate it, selfie-portraiture is indeed a thing, and an expression of our ever-evolving culture in our digital age.For this challenge, snap a selfie with your cameraphone or camera. In the shot above, ( here’s the link) I captured my reflection on the surface of an Arnaldo Pomodoro sculpture at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. Feel free to get creative and clever, and if you don’t want to share a photo of yourself, think of a way to approach this challenge in a different way. (Hint: silhouettes and shadows are your friends.)A selfie doesn’t have to be all about you; it can reveal much more, given the elements you choose to include.”

A moment capturedA selfie taken to capture a shared moment 🙂

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