Baboons: Lunch on the Rocks

It’s always a thrill to come across baboons foraging along the shoreline and in the rock pools and such was our luck today at Cape Point, Platboom beach.  Generally their preferred diet is plant based, but several troops have adapted to eating mussels, limpets and crustaceans such as crab.  It provides valuable omega oils and proteins to their diet.  There were about twenty or so baboons in this troop and I couldn’t help admiring the statuesque alpha-male with his thick ‘cape’.  The inland troops tend to be much darker in colour, while the coastal troops have much lighter fur – sun bleached highlights, with a bit of a ‘beach-bum’ attitude.

26 thoughts on “Baboons: Lunch on the Rocks

      1. Slowing down in the right way. Just looking at them has a calming effect on me. And i have to rush, no GO slowly to work right now…
        Dina x

  1. Liz, this is a great presentation, I really enjoyed going through your photos. The last one looks award-winning, great capture of the two!
    Best regards, Dina x

      1. This winter I suspect has been very hard on them — in some areas they are doing emergency feedings to target breeding does. However, within City limits, they have target bow-hunting by special permitted hunters, to try and thin the herd as they become a real traffic hazard and nuisance. We have 4-5 deer who wander into our yard to pick off bird feeder castoffs along the ground – once in awhile in the morning with fresh snow, little hoofprints will be evident going up our front steps and back down again — just checking things out! While common, there’s still something special about crossing paths with one alone in the woods as you sit and consider each other.

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