Mother of Pearl

The first hard shelled mollusks appeared way back in the Cambrian Period,  that’s about 500 million years in the making – shells have so many facets of beauty!   I marvel at shells, such as the oyster, venus ear, abalone  which have an inner lining of nacre – mother of pearl, which make for exquisite works of art.   Here is an example of the colours of a perlemoen (Haliotis midae) – formed into an abstract.Perlemoen_DSC5011_72ppi
Inspired by this week photo challenge: Work of Art.

34 thoughts on “Mother of Pearl

  1. Mother of pearl always reminds me of an oil slick which I also think is pretty. It also kind of looks like a satellite image of a storm, don’t you think?

  2. Very well done, love it! First thought it was water but the colors and ripples were too different 😉
    Have a good weekend, Ron.

  3. When I was a child I got a shell…and I couldn’t imagine how this beaty was made. I still love the name – Mother of pearl. In Sweden it is called pärlemor, a rather exact translation.

  4. I have a few if these, very small ones, and I love the beautiful iridescent colours. This looks like an oil slick – all the colours swirling into each other. Beautiful 🙂
    Jude xx

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