I have been travelling in a land of elemental contrasts: held in a spell cast by it’s raw beauty.  It’s summer, but a land of the midnight sun; here the season is short.  As the snow melt casts off it’s layers, a chocolate coloured layers of land are exposed and form broad patterns across the landscape.

This week’s photo is inspired by the WPC:  “Contrasts”  Click here for other challenge photos.

30 thoughts on “Contrasts

    1. Oh, what a country of contrasts. I can have a better ‘feel’ for your photos now, Bente. Snowmelt has a language all of it’s own. As for the all day night, revelling in those extra hours, and that soft light for photography. Plays havoc with the body clock though! All bleary eyed and grumpy mid- afternoon! How do you cope!!

    1. Although I didn’t get to see any active volcanoes, I got to see some of the after effects, and everywhere you go there is evidence of geothermal activity. Below the icy exterior lives a fire-breathing dragon, belching and hissing through fissures and geysers. The geomorphology is foreboding, one- eyed Odin lurks in the dark and looming mountains. But was completely entranced by the glaciers and their icebergs ..drifting through glacial lakes and out to sea. Imagine the sight of these on black sand beach, towering fantastical shapes, all a sparkle in the sun! Oh and then birds, so many different species, it’s phenomenal. What a country.

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