Iceland Series: Chromatic

For a nature photographer Iceland is a place of wonder.  The landscape is filled with contrasting elements and a dynamic geomorphology still in the making.  Forged by active volcanoes and honed by ice, the magic for me was in its raw elemental beauty and brooding primordial power.

“The land is still waking…. ” said Fannar, our guide as we drove past a barren and short cropped stretch near Lake Mývatn.  We’d chosen to travel in early June and there was a thrum, a tangible sense of energy as if the mountains were eager to cast off their winter cloaks in haste to catch the warmth of the sun.  Summer is short in this northern land and nature surges through an intense season, while the inhabitants seize the day and pack in as much as they can.  I found it all quite heady – the buzz, the extraordinary scenes and the richness of colour.  Wild flowers were already showing their blooms and the many migratory birds had arrived and were thriving in breeding colonies.

A random selection of scenes follows in this first gallery :  Chromatic




25 thoughts on “Iceland Series: Chromatic

      1. It’s a dilemma of planning what to do, see in a short space of time…. we had 12 days and chose to drive the ring road. But hope there’s a next time … to get off the beaten track.

      2. Yes, we had the same time as you, but decided to just concentrate on WestFjords and get in Flatey, rather than follow the ring road. I am sure we missed out on a lot but we enjoyed what we did, which is what it has to be all about, MM 🍀

  1. Gorgeous gallery. Iceland is one of those places that people (and especially photographers) return to again and again. I have yet to go there, but must admit there is something about that raw beauty that draws me. One day…

  2. Our guide told us that in iceland colours of houses tell what are occupations of their owners. I also remember that we were impressed by bright flowers on the street and cleanliness of the country, Love your photos!

    1. That’s an interesting comment on the house colours matching occupations… red for farmers?! How long ago did you visit JF? The flowering plants and shrubbery are still impressive, as is the lack of litter.

      1. We visited Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden about 20 years ago. It was a wonderful trip. All countries were terrific! However, there were a lot of changes lately.

    1. Thanks de Wets 🙂 Yes, what a landscape, nature rules that’s for sure. In the scope of things humans appear quite incidental. Yet i can see how additive the place becomes.

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