Uptown Manhattan

During a recent stopover in New York I had the pleasure of meeting up with Melissa and Esau of “Out Walking the Dog”.  We both have an interest in the activities and sightings of the urban wildlife in our respective neighbourhoods.  Although my neck of the woods is a whole lot different from the busy uptown area of Manhattan where Melissa and Esau walk.  It’s fascinating to learn just how adept some wild creatures are at adapting to dwelling in a finely tuned niche in such a densely populated city.  Melissa pointed out where raccoons live happily in the secret passage ways of a retaining wall passing through the openings between the stone blocks; and further on where there are red-tailed kites nesting high up on the statues of the Cathedral of the St John the Divine.   The sparrows have taken up space between the saintly statures adorning the alcoves above the cathedral doorways.  No doubt these sturdy structures are more stable than the wind tossed branches in the nearby trees and the red-tailed kites have a vantage point high enough to give them a wide aerial advantage.  Lodging in a the sheltered area are three male peacocks, one which had us entranced with it’s white feathers.  Rather like a bride making a showing with a flounce of brocade and long train, the albino peacock strutted his way up the stairs and posed rather regally at the top.

If you’re not familiar with Melissa’s blog, pop over to her site – www.outwalkingthedog.wordpress.com Her tales tracking nature in NCY make fascinating reading. In addition to her blog, as a playwright her insightful observations on coyotes are captured in the play “NYC Coyote Existential”.

With thanks to Melissa for the outing and the opportunity to see the Uptown byways.

10 thoughts on “Uptown Manhattan

  1. Welcome to the US! Loved your pics of NY, esp. the regal & elegant white peacock and the birds nest on Washington’s head! Enjoy the rest of your tour. Where to next?

    1. Thanks Eliza. Alas, it was just a brief stopover and then onwards to Scandinavia. Hope to return to continue the visit to the museums and art galleries. So fortunate to have met up with Melissa and to see the spots first hand. Central Park too was an eye-opener for bird life. By the way your post on your outdoor winter gear was most useful. Here in 71*N and – 11*C had no idea what clothing would be adequate. Thank goodness had a chance to buy the warm layers during NY stopover.

      1. Glad my post helped. There is so much to see in NYC – never ending to-do list. Didn’t know NY was en route to Scandinavia from S.A. 😉

    1. Yes, those birds have certainly picked an upmarket spot!! Must admit I was in total awe of the pristine look of the albino peacock. Apparently there aren’t any hens in the area, yet they still put on their feather displays.

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