A year in review

Thanks to the WordPress team for running the annual ‘stats’ and very revealing they are too!  It turns out that one of my top five posts is “Sexy Legs“.  Imagine the surprised web-surfer when the search engine turns up this alternate angle.

A breeding cock showing red skutes.
A breeding cock showing red skutes.

I’m happy that this next post got the most comments as it reflects the subject closest to my interest –  the urban/wildlife interface.

"Well how about sharing your lunch?" Asks the Pelican.    "Not today," says the man.
“Well how about sharing your lunch?” Asks the Pelican. “Not today,” says the man.

Namaqualand flowers came up with the most views and I very much like that nature’s spring show got a good viewing :

Namaqualand daisies in bloom.
Namaqualand daisies in bloom.

My ‘feathered’ friends featured in many posts.  One of my personal highlights this year was a visit to New York where I met up with fellow blogger Melissa Cooper ( “Out walking the dog”) who kindly showed us the sights in her neighbourhood in uptown Manhattan.

Another highlight was experiencing the wonder of a snowy landscape in the Arctic north:


While at home and in contrast were the scenes of wildfires raging on the slopes of the south Peninsula mountains.  While harrowing there was a compelling beauty to the night skies etched with the glow of the red flames:


Last but not least, a very big thank you to the wonderful WordPress community out there.  To all my faithful followers who have commented, viewed, liked – I  do so appreciate you support.  Good wishes to you all for a fulfilling and productive 2016.

12 thoughts on “A year in review

  1. Well done Liz. I haven’t managed to give your excellent blog the attention it deserved but you really did blend interesting photography with a lively imagination and wide-ranging interests. Best wishes for 2016

  2. Haha… had to laugh when I saw your ‘sexy legs’. Thank you Liz for bringing such lovely nature into my sitting room this year. I hope the fires stay away from the mountainside this summer so that nature can recover. I look forward to seeing what you find for us next year 🙂
    Jude xx

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