The wildflowers of Namaqualand

This week’s photo challenge,”Beneath Your Feet” coincides with a wonderland of early spring wildflowers in spectacular display in Namaqualand, an area 500 kms north of Cape Town. There is a rich heritage of some 3,800 plant species and an extravagance of colour.  It’s a paradise for a photographer and Cheri’s suggestion of capturing the world beneath one’s feet fits the bill for me this week 🙂

24 thoughts on “The wildflowers of Namaqualand

  1. What stunning pics. I love the contrast of the warm orange & yellow flowers against the scratchy grey vegetation.

    1. Yes… saturated orange (and no editing manipulation!) and fields flowering up mountains, through valleys, along dells, krantzes – is a cracking show this year. The rains have been adequate and the warmth of the winter sun just right.

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