WPC: Door

Cheri :  “For this week’s challenge, publish a new post with a photo of a door (or multiple doors!). Consider how color affects the image, but also think about size, shape, texture, and details — how might these elements add up to tell a story?”

I enjoy taking part in the weekly photo challenge over at WordPress’ Daily Post for the variety of subjects that come up.  In Cheri’s post she reckons to have enough door photos to fill at book;  it’s a subject that catches my eye too.  Can anyone guess in which country these photos were taken?   I was taken with the striking designs which feature in these doors and really admire the creative art works.

For further door examples follow the link here.

12 thoughts on “WPC: Door

      1. Oh, Denmark. I’d like to visit that country. Almost did a couple of years ago, but it was so expensive we decided against it.

    1. Thanks Mac’s, Photographed these in Denmark, and was taken with the creative statement a front door can make. The potplants, and other adornments expressed an individuality, from artistic to quirky 🙂

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