Hadeda Ibis


_DSC4784 _DSC4788 _DSC4797 _DSC4799

Large and stout, the Hadedahs make their presence known with their raucous cackle.  Their range has expanded in recent years crossing the Western Cape mountains in the 1980’s.   They have adapted well to human environments, particularly golf courses and sports playing fields.   Watching them in action picking over a green lawn is a sight to behold.   Here in the late afternoon the sunlight catches their glossy feathers as they dig for sandlice and other delicacies.

23 thoughts on “Hadeda Ibis

    1. Thanks Gilly, their shimmer is like a fabric is a two-way nap… it changes in different light – sometimes golden, a flash of green or even mauve. From afar they look quite ordinary, and then close-up they can dazzle.

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