WPC: Half and Half

Splitting the canvas Half and Half

Ben’s challenge this week challenges the way we see perspective, and i’ve gone wide with a 14 – 24mm lens to capture a wide horizon in the first shot.  In the second it’s splitting the canvas with contrasting colours.

19 thoughts on “WPC: Half and Half

    1. Locally it’s known as a common coral tree _ erythrina lysistemon. It’s pretty similar to a Flame tree. Good memories for children here in collecting the seeds – or the lucky bean pods 🙂

      1. Yes, coral tree was my second guess 🙂 Similar to the flame tree. But I did not think the “flame” grew over there, I must be mistaken. 🙂

    1. Flattering comments, Gilly – thanks 🙂 Those Coral trees are a favourite, love their flambouyant orangey/red colour. The first shot was of salt pans -some interesting colouration there too.

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