Fire: Regenerating Fynbos

16 thoughts on “Fire: Regenerating Fynbos

  1. Great photos and ecological statement. Historically, we’ve had problems, mostly in the western U. S., because of too much fire suppression (leading to fuel accumulation) and our failure to understand and accept the role of fire in natural ecosystems.

    1. Add to those aspects tinder-dry drought conditions, galeforce wind and fire rages out of control. It’s concerning to see the terrible runaway fire scenes in California and Butte the latest with the devastation of homes and the tragic loss of life. Here in the Cape a lot of attention is paid to clearing alien vegetation and fire management, maitaining firebreaks etc and with the recent fires encroaching into urban areas a real wake-up call to communities and homeowners to step up to their responsibilities on keeping vegetation contolled.

    1. Yes, that is the case here too – especially the protea species with their serotinous seed. Our botanists here get excited post fire as they track the flowering species which are usually crowded out by the more dominant.

  2. It’s can be frightening to see the intensity and the immediate devastation of a bushfire but the regeneration when the rains come is amazing. As another commenter wrote, we need the heat of bushfires for some of our Australian native plants to germinate and our Indigenous population would use fire in this way to manage and care for the land. Great pictures, Liz!

    1. Agree!! The runaway fires are the worst especially when driven by high winds. We’re seeing the high intensity too of fires driven by alien vegetation and learning costly lessons. Interesting that indigenous people (here too) realised fire’s benefits.

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