Fire flowers

Circular Drive, Cape Point

Slowly the fire-scarred land is transforming into a wonderland with a vigorous blooming of lesser known flower species.  Fire cleared out the overgrown vegetation where the taller plants had cut off the light to those which grow near the ground. Given the light and the space, geophytes are taking centre stage.   The colours are gorgeous and like fire come in vivid hue.

Moraea ochroleuca

As if born of fire, a design of orangey-red flames contrast against yellow.

Here’s another, the yellow Ixia dubia.  A nuance of fire glows like embers through the petals.

Ixia dubia

Ixia dubia

9 thoughts on “Fire flowers

    1. Thanks Rajiv. This is close to the south-western most point of Africa snd part of the Cape Point nature reserve. The scene is very representative of a ‘Fynbos’ ecosystem – poor sandy soils and aftera fire looking quite desolate. But it’s extraordinarily rich in flora species once it reestablishes.

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