A cyclist’s impressions of the Middle Kingdom

If you’ve not yet come across the blog “Artic-cycler.com” and this crazy Aussie bloke, Matthew’s epic journey cycling from Eindhoven to Adelaide you are in for ‘adventure travel’ through some of the world’s most incredible landscapes. He raises awareness through the “Green Pedals” movement to promote the topics of sustainability and health in schools around the world. His latest instalment on “Impressions of the Middle Kingdom” is the extraordinary footage and first hand account of travels through China. What a journey – all kudos to you Mate!!


My posts have been delayed so I do not post on China while in China. I have now cycled through China and am in Laos. From now on, I will post without this delay. You can read my thoughts of cycling through Laos and beyond in closer to real time, while also reading daily posts of my trip through China (with the 3 month delay). Here are my thoughts on China.

As a skinny, exhausted cyclist, I staggered across the border from China to Laos. I cycled over 6000km in China in almost 3 months. It was an intense part of my trip. I had training to prepare me (cycling to China), and I needed it. Wind and sand, multiple 100km stretches of mud bath roadworks and a lot of steep climbing. China was an assault on the senses. Beautiful, wild, vast nature, and a culture so foreign, it left…

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