The Three Peaks _ Paulsberg. Die Boer, and Judas Peak.
The distinctive Trio of peaks stand sentinel on the False Bay side of Cape Point:  Paulsberg, Die Boer and Judas Peak.   Here seabirds range in heady thermals and the lone rock angler casts from the rocks.   Hikers can follow the trail along the coast and perhaps take a dip in Venus’ rock pool or share the solitude with the odd baboon troop, buck or ostrich. 

WPC: Trio


14 thoughts on “Trio

  1. I love this area, Liz – both in front of the lens and behind, to Antoniesgat and Rooikrans. I have thousands of images of the stretch from Venus Pool past Christinasgang to just before Batsata Cove.

    Note: Anybody without intimate knowledge of the terrain beneath these three peaks should not attempt to walk there. It is extremely dangerous.

    That said, I’ve been fortunate enough to spend hundreds of hours of solitude wandering the craggy feet of those sheer cliffs and a lesser number photographing surfers taking on Black Rocks when it is pumping.

    The geological formations along the coast towards Judas Peak are awesome and the power of the ocean really manifests when ripping into the cracked fissures and bedding planes of rocks that have stood firm for hundreds of millions of years.

    I’ve not been as far as Batsata Cove, but I hope to make it some day. It’s as dangerous to attempt from either of the two ravines leading down from between Judas Peak and De Boer as it is along the coast.

    One walk I would recommend though, is to the top of Paulsberg. It’s safe. On the right day, you can see to forever. It has two vantage points and both are extremely comfortable. Hell, you can even take a nap before continuing your walk. You ain’t going to see anybody else up there :).

    I’ve been following your blog a while now, Liz, and although I’ve not commented before, I’m truly delighted to have found it. Please continue to keep us in the loop.

    1. Thanks for your informative comments, Mike. I relish the details. We’re fortunate to experience these wild ‘elemental’ places here on the Peninsula. Very nearly bought a cottage at Smits, attracted to that rugged appeal. Like that sense of the historic too, the Strandlopers relics etc. Glad you warn of the hiking dangers getting to Batsata cove, and the gullies. Will stick with the grand view the top of Paulsberg. Had a quick look at links to your most marvellous panoramics. Shows up the drama of the Cape’s expansive vistas so beautifully. Appreciate your supportive comments and anticipating good ‘viewing’ when your site ‘mycapepoint’ is launched.

      1. Who mentioned mycapepoint? I’ve been hiding that for years, but it’s a dead cert for resurrection once we’ve moved all our copies of ‘The Cape Aflame’. The history is vital to the area – from Kalk Bay and Kommetjie down to the point; from strandlopers to the folk thrown out of Elsies River to the communities (farming and fishing) down on the southwestern side of Bonteberg. It’s a fascinating area no single publication has been able to fully encompass, embrace or express (although there are several staples). My chief regret is not having learned the names of the flora abounding in the area, so my experience of it is merely experiential, i.e. visual, tactile and olfactory. But it’s enough. Crushing and smelling a sprig of fynbos while out on the western side beats any culinary experience I can think of. ‘Elemental’ is the most appropriate word :).

      2. Having had close shave with the ST fire on Thursday glad to discover and support “The Cape Aflame” project. Will put out the word at this end. BTW your WP profile links to “MyCapePoint” site.. with teaser ‘watch this space’…
        The historical subject matter here is diverse, would be a task to capture it in depth. Re the hunter-gatherer story, I’ve been watching out for Craig Foster’s documentary – not sure if it’s out? Piqued my curiosity when film crew popped up on rocks next to our house and naked men appeared in skins with throwing spears. There was a piece in Africa Geographic, but i’ve not seen any further publicity.
        Culinary experiences magnify beautifully when olfactory and cuisine combine 🙂

    1. Thanks MM, yes it was a picture postcard kind of a day and when I caught that image, yet this section of headland can brew up into gnashing elements, seas that storm in and claw their way up the gulleys. And clouds are made here when the wind lifts up the air into billowing skirts and shrouds the mountains. Like to walk here in the depth of winter in that swirling ozone…

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