This week’s WordPress photo challenge: “Transition”  fits well with the pressing subject of climate change. This week as world leaders meet at COP21, the Paris 2015 UN Climate Conference to debate ways to reduce global CO2 emissions, energy transition is crucial.

“Governments need to act quickly, because energy transitions take time. Today, renewables account for less than 5 percent of the world’s energy mix. It took four decades for oil to go from 5 percent of the world’s energy supply to 25 percent. Natural gas took even longer. I believe we can make this transition faster—both because the pace of innovation is accelerating, and because we have never had such an urgent reason to move from one source of energy to another. The sooner we start, the more suffering we can prevent.”    Bill Gates

(Excerpt from




18 thoughts on “Transition

    1. I hope so!! The politicians are saying all the right things, now to pin them all down into a legal and binding agreement. I’m following with interest through Birdlife International – daily live streaming and interesting perspectives. Lot of goodwill out there from the NGO’s and civil society.

  1. From your blog to our government’s eyes and ears, Liz! I won’t say much about the possibility that in this country instead of seeing more wind turbines going up we’ll be witnessing trillion-rand nuclear power stations scarring the landscape…

    1. Yes, sadly but now much discussion on how to protect fragile avian populations with ‘virtual fencing’ round wind farms and the use of biotelemetry, although not sure how viable this will prove in terms of efficiency or cost.

      1. 🙂 Not exactly… pinned to bed is what it was… hehe.. well, you can’t pin me down forever, the spine is worse than ever, but no one could accuse me of being spineless haha.. Been the best and the worst of times lately. Lots of things happening, unfortunately the body is giving up too soon. It took me two years to recover to some semblance of mobility, only to be laid low again a couple of months ago. It’s alright though, can take it and make it through for some more time 🙂
        Hope you are well, Liz.

      2. Dear T, Sorry to read that you’ve not been well, and especially that it involves your spine. That must be debilitating but it sounds like you are strong in spirit. I do hope that you are recovering and gathering up your strength again. I feel blessed to have good health, and living here next to the sea is a good tonic. Sending you wishes from the sunny Cape with a dash of fresh sou’easterlies.

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