Haemanthus sanguineus or the April Fool

The fire razed veld in the Circular Drive area of the Cape Point reserve continues to beguile.  It’s become an exhibition arena for plants which are usually crowded out by the dominant ericoids, proteoids and restionaceae.  And nature’s moving along smartly here with a fabulous showing of these geophyte paintbrush lilies / April fool flowers.  Each day brings further rewards as they bloom forth in prolific form.

It’s interesting to note that this species of Haemanthus blooms profusely after fire.

23 thoughts on “Haemanthus sanguineus or the April Fool

    1. Lovely comment, Mike. Conjures up an image of long-legged flowers tottering along. Actually those peduncles are pretty sturdy – fortunately, as in these gale force winds we’re enduring flower macros are tricky.

      1. When the sun crosses the equator setting the time for autumnal /vernal equinox – 21 March heralding the change of winter to spring (or summer to autumn) and visa versa 21 September. Signals the change in seasons 🙂

    1. Glad to brighten up your day Nick. The botanists here are in 7th heaven cataloguing flowers that haven’t popped up in a long while.
      Believe the snow storms are radical. NYC looked buried in layers of the stuff. Bet you’re getting use out of your winter gear now?

  1. What a beautiful response to a seeming disaster. It just goes to show that the most fragile life on this planet is human beings, nature quickly seizes the advantage to regain lost territory.

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