March: Wildlife in the garden

A sunny spot in the late afternoon.
Enjoying a sunny spot in the late afternoon just over the edge of the garden is a Cape Clawless otter.

This month I’ve joined Jude’s photography challenge.  The subject is wildlife in the garden, which is ‘right up my street’.   The urban/wildlife interface here between mountain and sea is pretty active with a range of wildlife visitors – from the smallest of critters such as baby field mice to baboon, otter and porcupine … dassies, mongoose, genet.



33 thoughts on “March: Wildlife in the garden

      1. Yes. The girls are looking forward to our excursion.:-) Now you get settled in your new home and please keep your fingers crossed for my move, then we’ll take a deeeeep breath and make wonderful plans.
        What a lovely thought! 🙂

      2. Oh yes!! Bring the bookfayries too, lots of bookish inspiration here. Tall tales around excellent waterholes, vineyards just across the valley, besides the locals are very engaging 🙂

      3. 👍🏻💕💖💚🐣🐤✨💫
        Sounds great, Liz, we’ll keep it in mind and get in touch.
        What about visiting us in Norfolk?

    1. Cuddly, and very much at home. At one point we had a swimming pool (since taken out) and the otters would leave their fish – as a kind of larder, and be back later to retrieve their snack.

  1. It would be amazing to have an otter in the garden. Love that you relish in your blessings through photographs we get to enjoy as well.

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