March: Wildlife in the garden

A sunny spot in the late afternoon.
Enjoying a sunny spot in the late afternoon just over the edge of the garden is a Cape Clawless otter.

This month I’ve joined Jude’s photography challenge.  The subject is wildlife in the garden, which is ‘right up my street’.   The urban/wildlife interface here between mountain and sea is pretty active with a range of wildlife visitors – from the smallest of critters such as baby field mice to baboon, otter and porcupine … dassies, mongoose, genet.




31 thoughts on “March: Wildlife in the garden

      1. Yes. The girls are looking forward to our excursion.:-) Now you get settled in your new home and please keep your fingers crossed for my move, then we’ll take a deeeeep breath and make wonderful plans.
        What a lovely thought! 🙂

      2. Oh yes!! Bring the bookfayries too, lots of bookish inspiration here. Tall tales around excellent waterholes, vineyards just across the valley, besides the locals are very engaging 🙂

      3. 👍🏻💕💖💚🐣🐤✨💫
        Sounds great, Liz, we’ll keep it in mind and get in touch.
        What about visiting us in Norfolk?

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