“Since 2008 poachers have killed at least 5,940 African rhinos……

Rhino poaching is currently at a crisis point. By the end of 2015, the number of African rhinos killed by poachers had increased for the sixth year in a row with at least 1,338 rhinos killed by poachers across Africa in 2015. These statistics are compiled by by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Species Survival Commission’s African Rhino Specialist Group (AfRSG).”

Ben’s theme this week is “Numbers”.


24 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. What a perfect entry for this challenge! And how poignant and timely. When we were on safari, the guides asked us not to show any pictures of rhinos on social media because it might alert poachers to where we were. So very, very sad that this is happening.

  2. That the reasons behind the killing of rhinos are still relevant in this century makes one’s mind boggle. Rhinos are such placid creatures and so beautiful to see in the wild!

  3. i know I’m being naïve, but surly there has to be a way of dealing with it at the destination, I don’t understand how those people can be so self centred and short sighted 😦

    1. It’s hard to get to grips with the ethics of it all. It seems hopeless, as much is being done on awareness and in trying to change attitudes, many taking up the cause – on a political level, NGO’s, WWF, celebrities all trying to spread the word. Vietnam has programmes on radio and TV; but it appears that the bigger threat to ignorance is the criminal element. The crime syndicates go to highly connected individuals. Just recently the South Korean embassy was closed in SA as there were smuggling connections. It gets worse with the growing affluence in those eastern countries and an expanding market means more consumers. Maybe we can get through to the younger generation, but then it may be too late. It’s not just the rhino being poached, also the pangolin, turtles, abalone. The trafficking starts with locals being involved in the smuggling rings… all driven by greed / money.

  4. This pisses me off so much – senseless, stupid killing – so some Asian guy can feel he is increasing his sexual prowess? You gotta be kidding me.
    Great post, Liz. Thanks for passing this info on.

  5. I ‘liked’ because I am glad you have brought this to people’s attention, but I don’t like the statistics at all. In fact I got shivers down my spine just seeing the photo. Why, oh why can’t this wholesale massacre of our animals (and I include elephants and tigers ) be stopped? Too much money exchanging palms I suppose. I hate this materialistic capitalist, greedy world we live in…

    1. Worse to come as appeal in Supreme court overrules the ban on the sale of rhino horn within SA. If Swaziland goes ahead and legallises the international trade then ‘legal’ shaved horn can be smuggled through that route. Yep it’s greed – $60,000 – $100,000 / kg it’s a valuable commodity.

    1. They are shocking stats, and already this year 363 have been killed. It’s got very nasty – the crime syndicates are outfitted with sophisticated gear – helicopters, high powered weaponry. Not so easy for the game rangers to fight on this level. Need the army ..

  6. I “like” the post in a sense of solidarity. Not because I “like” poaching 😦

    sometimes the planet would be better without humans. We are selfish beings. all of us, to a degree. we take what is not ours… 😦

    1. Yes, a tragedy and the horn is keratin with no beneficial effect. The WWF are running an awareness campaign using posters with rhinos posing with human finger and toes instead of horn to try to get the message across.

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