Otter delight

Cape-clawless-otters Cape-clawless-otter

Otters are playful creatures and this morning we awoke to their calls and banter.  With pure delight we watched as they ducked and dived through the water, came romping along the rocky beach and plunged into the fresh water well.


38 thoughts on “Otter delight

    1. It’s wonderful to be able to observe them – especially they ‘mud / sand bathing’ that’s quite a sight. But we’ve also seen a dark side – infanticide and territorial skirmishes.

    1. Thanks Mike – recall your otter holt designs and construction and follow your posts with interest. This ‘family’ group have been using a holt in the thickets here. Part of it was burned in a bushfire, now happily the vegetation is regenerating and they are back 🙂

    1. I like that comparison 🙂 there was a lot of strutting too. This was a dynamic threesome – maybe there will be babies on the way? Can never really tell what is going on with all that play in the water.

  1. So glad to see this post, as there is a very special otter living on the property that I’m watching over, and it’s good to compare… This particular otter is not really ‘neo’ and it’s not ‘giant rio’ but seems to be a blend of both.

    am online rarely but so glad to see your post!

    1. Greetings Lisa, good to see you here. Interesting comments over your not quite neo/ giant – could it be a juvenile maybe? Heading over to your site to read your latest news. Take care.

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