Tidal Flats

Tidal_Flats_glamour Tidal_Flats_Strontian_tide_in

There’s nothing like the unexpected when travelling; we’re far from home in remote western Scotland – Ardnamurchan.  The weather is tetchy with moody glowering skies.  Missle and sea har envelope the landscape and although the colours are rich, capturing the scenes is tricky.   Yet I’m fascinated by this elemental landscape especially the water and the tidal flats.  The sea tides rise and fall and create a changing canvas of reflections.  This view from our hotel window reveals an enchanting scene between  tides and the lady in red adds a surreal touch against the mustard coloured sea wracke.

WPC: Cherry on top:  “This week, share a photo of a detail that makes a good thing even better.”

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