Chacma baboons: Gentle mothers

Chacma_baoons_mothers_and babies

Chacma_baboons_mothers_with babies

Chacma_baboons_digging_for_bulbs It was cool in the early morning,  9*C when a passing rain shower caught this baboon troop out in the open.   The mothers sheltered together paying attention to their babies gently cuddling them to keep them warm.  The rain passed and they were soon back into the veld digging for corms and other succulent roots.









10 thoughts on “Chacma baboons: Gentle mothers

    1. It’s one of the big troops – i think Kanonkop, which had been hanging around the Hoek van Bobbejaan point (appropriately named!). We’ve seen them foraging along the coastline and sheltering in the milkwood groves. I should check last year’s pics for dates, as the foraging drawcard are the bulbs and i have shots where they are digging in the same area around this time. The veld is still recovering from the fire – the vegetation is still sparse so they move through unhindered.

      1. Thanks for the info, Liz, they look so peaceful as they forage on the sparse vegetation. Hope you’re keeping well …

    1. Quite a contrast! Glad to post positive scenes where we can appreciate and recognise the sentience of these non-human primates. Interesting to read what’s out there on animals suffering post traumatic distress disorder – so sad to see the brutal effect man has on non-human primates.

    1. She’s an older sibling – gender roles are defined early. The female offspring hang with the moms and babies learning the maternal ropes while the young males rough and tumble challenging through play. Love these ‘primate’ instincts!

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