Psychidae – Bagworm larva

Mother nature and her bags of tricks has rustled up a delicious little surprise for this macro shot.  A blob of moving twigs turns out to be a Bagworm (Psychidae).   Neat!   The larvae of this species constructs a spindle-shaped silk bag and then attaches pieces of twigs and leaves as a protective covering.  This one is hungry extending it’s head through it’s covering and making good headway along the petals of this Moraea ochroleuca (aas-uintjie).
It senses my intrusion and withdraws behind it’s defensive bulwark, though you can still see it’s whiskery antennae.
Bagworm_Psychidae_on Moraea_ochroleuca

11 thoughts on “Psychidae – Bagworm larva

  1. Always a fascinating find, and your macro photography is marvelous, Liz! !

    We often find them with “cocoons” built from acacia thorns, which seems an extra efficient deterrent to would-be predators.

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