Rain Dance

This little sunbird – a female malachite appears to be revelling in a light rain shower.  She dipped in and out of the puddles skimming across the pavers with her bill.  What a delight to watch her, a flurry of feathers and lightness of wingbeats- a dainty dance.

South Africa is classed as  ‘semi-arid’ and even in a year of  good rainfall, water resources are stretched.  The Western Cape falls under a winter rainfall area and the dams should be brimming, yet the levels are only averaging 62.3% full.   It does not bode well for the dry summer months ahead; water restrictions are in place across the country as the drought conditions stretch into a third year.

21 thoughts on “Rain Dance

  1. What a sweet little thing – she was probably delighted to bathe in the rain.
    It seems like so many places have either too much rain or not enough – no middle ground.

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