14 thoughts on “Out and About: Buffels Bay

  1. Love the images Liz, thanks for sharing them, but it worries me a lot when people get too close to the baboons, they are after all, wild animals and should be treated as such … I shudder to think what would have happened to the baboon/s if the child had some food in her hands and they tried to grab it from her!

    1. Yes, I agree; and especially when it involves tourists who know no better. I was anxious when I came across this scene; initially the visitors were quite a way away from the baboons and completely unaware of them. Fortunately they didn’t have food and neither were there any picknickers in the vicinity. The babs was happily foraging and moving towards the visitors. As you know the Buffels troop are pretty well habituated to humans and they were unfazed about coming closer to these visitors. The juvvies had been playing in the water and along the beach and then joined the adults. To me it appeared that the juvenile baboon approached the little girl in a moment of spontaneity or curiosity.

      1. I would have been anxious too, had I been there. Luckily in this instance, the tourists didn’t have any food with them and it ended up being an enjoyable interaction for both the baboon and the child, but it’s really sad that the youngsters are already very habituated to people because when they grow up, it’s going to be almost impossible to break their habit of being so close to humans …

    1. It so commonly occurs here – the space overlap between wild animals and people in share space – it’s a worry, and more so that the park rangers are quite lax in enforcing sensible awareness.

  2. Forgetting for a moment that baboons can be unpredictable and dangerous, I have to say the scene brought a smile to my face – human children and baboon children having fun in the sun!

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