The protective role of ‘big sister’

It is interesting to watch young baboons act out gender roles.  The juvenile males rough and tumble and play fight while the young females practise an infant-protective role in their play.

While mum is foraging baby scampers off to explore. But he is not left on his own for long before ‘big sister’ comes to supervise his activities.

11 thoughts on “The protective role of ‘big sister’

    1. That’s a question i’d love to pose to a primatologist. I’m guessing that it could be a bit of both. There appears to be an innate ‘knowledge’. It’s interesting to observe the way the gender roles appear to be so ‘entrenched’.

  1. The level of protection and sibling love amazes me. I’ve watched so many documentaries on animals and I can’t help but think how similar we are. The closest I’ve got to such an experience (other than monkeys and kittens) was in a national park. There was no mistaking the elephant’s (mother) loud trumpet. I thought it was a tiger. She made sure we were warned and would want to consider our next step!

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