Heron poised to strike

The brief this week from Cheri is to catch that instant before an event  – “A photograph often captures the moment — the exact second that two lovers kiss on a street corner, or a gymnast extends both legs in mid-air into a perfect split, or a hummingbird hovers over a flower to drink its nectar. But some of my favorite images are quiet and still; they focus on the moment before the action and capture the anticipation, or the rumination, or the calm before the storm.”

Here in an intense moment, a Grey heron is waiting to strike and spear a fish in the shallows.

WPC: Waiting


26 thoughts on “Heron poised to strike

  1. Liz- I’m smiling as I click on your photo for this challenge. Our interpretations this week ran along similar lines…
    I also featured a wading bird… The Great Egret.
    Beautiful shot of the heron on a unusual perch!

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