The Baboon Baby Pics

It was one of those perfect spring days, warm and sunny and the local baboon troop came down to forage along the beach.  Playful, curious and full of energy, the youngest baboons explore their surroundings.  Observing them from a distance and not intruding into their space (keeping 10m away) is part of a photographer’s required etiquette around these wild animals.

10 thoughts on “The Baboon Baby Pics

  1. What a treat to see all these babies … their zest for life as they play and explore their surroundings is just too beautiful!

    1. Aren’t they’re precious little creatures! Always enchanting to see the way the siblings play and interact together. So glad that there has been rain to green up the vegetation. They’re loving the yellow daisies – high on the diet.

    1. Generally they’re not dangerous – unless cornered or if there’s some altercation over food! When there is an overlap of ‘territory’ and intrusion into wild animals’ space one really needs to be vigilant – and vice versa when baboons raid houses.
      The baboons on the Cape peninsula live either along the urban edge or in a managed conservation area where recreational facilities – barbecue / picnic areas have a huge detrimental impact on the animals. When there is human food freely available there can be dangerous situations.

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