Spring Rites

Spring bustles along here in full bloom; the flowers in riotous colour.   The Bontebok antelope are in the midst of their calving season and the adults are skittish and protective of their newly born fawns.

A skirmish between a Bontebok male and a baboon quietly foraging nearby turned into a surprising joust as the baboon strayed too close to a heavily pregnant Bontebok female.

The newly born Bontebok young are on their feet within minutes of birth; up and ready to go.

20 thoughts on “Spring Rites

    1. :). There’s been enough rain too to green up the vegetation so bontebok does are looking fatter – thank goodness. I’m detecting a bit of excitement there over your forthcoming visit. I’ll send my contact details nearer your arrival. Are you staying in the south peninsula? The traffic at peak season is very trying. It’s a good idea to get to CP early or later afternoon. COGH gates open at 6am and close at sunset. Boulders and Silvermine are also popular – have to plan for the wind!

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