Through the open window

There’s a good reason for motorists to pay attention to the warning signs which dot the roadside along the Cape Peninsula’s scenic drive: Beware the baboons – keep car doors locked and car windows closed!

WPC: Windows

24 thoughts on “Through the open window

  1. I never understand why people don’t adhere to the signboards dotted all along the road to Cape Point and beyond, warning travellers to keep their vehicle windows closed and their doors locked … even though they live on the urban edge, baboons are wild animals! Thanks for these images, Liz, I’ll share your post to my page in the hopes that people will take note when driving around the Peninsula …

  2. My doors and windows would definitely be well closed. In my experience baboons are not to be trifled with, they’re not affraid to use intimidation and even bites when they don’t get what they want.

  3. So true. We come across such behaviour in several game reserves too: people getting out of their cars, driving off the roads … then when something goes wrong they are quick to blame the animal(s)!

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