Things can get a bit surreal in the desert where heat does strange things to the horizon. As the road snaked along into the distance the shimmer of water appeared and objects elongated and floated weirdly into the sky.   A band of small people appeared to be scurrying along, stopping to check the surroundings and then bounding off.  Imagine our surprise as we got closer to discover a clan of suricates (Suricata suricatta) or meerkat instead of the illusion of giants striding across the sands.  Living in burrows they are well adapted to coping with the desert heat and a network of underground living quarters has many different entrances.   Pouff!  And they vanished just as strangely as they had materialised out of the mirage.   As we travelled the land caught us in it’s spell of wonder.  Next up is Sossusvlei and those awesome orange sand dunes.

11 thoughts on “Mirage

  1. This must be a magical trip! How wonderful to see the meerkats in their own habitat. And I love your description of them materializing out of nowhere – first thinking they were little people.

  2. What a fabulous experience, and you really captured that alert meerkat presence. I watched a group of them in an open compound in a zoo in Australia once. I noticed that they were all running around playing except one – it was so clear that that one was on lookout duty, no doubt to warn of any approaching danger. When a plane went by everyone of then stopped and looked up. It was quite comical.

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