Two different views comparing the barren landscape ravaged by fire with scenes showing the growth and colours of the regenerated vegetation.

Cape of Good Hope from Hoek van Bobbejaan.

WPC: Growth

16 thoughts on “Growth

  1. At last I can now recollect some of the beautiful places you show us here on your blog, Liz! The richness of the flora on the Cape of Good Hope really is amazing to behold.

    1. Appreciate your comments Fletcher. Grappling with the effects of climate change and wondering what happens if it’s long term. We’re so unprepared! The City officials appear to be dragging their feet when it comes to long term solutions.

      1. They have been warned seven years ago already. And taking into account that the population of C T has doubled in the last ten years…..

  2. Fire is devastating, especially for the wildlife, but of course many of the plantlife need the fire to regenerate, so it is not all bad. Hope you are getting some rain – I have plenty here you can have…

    1. Yes please …. pretty please can we have some of your rain. We need a voodoo call down here to send it to us.
      It’s amazing how healthy and strong the vegetation regrowth comes up. Space competition is fierce, the plants are all packed so tight now.

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