26 thoughts on “Rain puddles

    1. Isn’t it crazy, either drought or floods. The City is working on alternate sources, and desalination. The worry is that it’s a 7 year cycle and this is year 4. Government is not prepared for this kind of crisis.

    1. Thanks. Had good news that the farmers in Grabouw / Elgin can release some of their water 10 Billion litres ..which will get us through to May 11. At least it gives us a chance and hopefully the winter rains will come this year.

    1. We’re adapting to less water usage; hoping we get through to when the rainy season should start – May. It will be utter shambles if 4 million people need to queue for water – there’s no way that the City will manage the logistics of it all.

  1. I have been thinking about you lately, Liz. The lack of water in your region has been a topic several times in the German news as well. Unbearable to think of what will happen next. We have so much rain in Norfolk, England, this is so sad.
    Wishing you rain very soon.

    1. Thanks for your concern Dina … isn’t it crazy – yes please send us some of your Norfolk rain! Actually there is a promise of rain coming this evening here in the Cape. The wind is howling – the start of a frontal system.

  2. Humans are victims of these climate changes, but it’s the images like yours – of those dear-but-desperate baboons that have the power to wrench our hearts. I’ve been following the problems via various climate websites, and I join many in concern for our sick planet. May the cycles of precious rain return to your area of the world….

  3. Awe, thank you for sharing. The question of water, or the lack thereof is something we’re constantly reminded of during the hot season here. Last summer/fall there was more fires than ever before in our area. It’s scary. I did enjoy your photos!

    1. It’s a great worry – this question of adequate water! I’ve watched quite a few videos on reports of the drought areas in California and those devastating fires. Climate change and it’s impacts are very real, here and now.

      1. Yes indeed. I met a lady yesterday who’s property burned down to the ground, but by some miracle the fire saved the house where her elderly parents stayed.

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