The Scend of the Sea

At times the elements conspire in perfect harmony to produce exquisite serenity.  The harsh wind retreats and the sea wallows quietly:

In the scene below Venus Pool lies unruffled in a silken sheen.

Conditions can change quickly though and the Atlantic Ocean can push up in rambunctious form with that devillish “Cape Doctor”, the southeasterly wind and the full moon spring tides.  Sometimes it also drives low cloud scudding across the Peninsula in a ‘black’ mood and cloaks the mountains in a foggy blanket of moisture.    On one such morning, we stand and watch in awe as waves come belting out of the ocean in a heart thumping rhythm smashing into the rocky ledges.  It’s as if Mother Nature lifts up her skirts to dance a fandango.  Two swimmers enter the pool and in a daring dash of defiance in the face of such raw power, they sprint across and back to safety.  Whatever it is, this sense of ebullience, we leave feeling high on elation.

WPC:  Variations on a theme – tying into the moods of the sea.


32 thoughts on “The Scend of the Sea

  1. Wonderful images Liz. You really captured it. I too get the feeling of elation watching a wild sea. And I love the sentence: It’s as if Mother Nature lifts up her skirts to dance a fandango.

    1. Temperamental and feisty! Those waves had power. The couple swimming often go there to swim, it has a wild feel about it…. but i’m glad to say that they did beat a hasty retreat. I don’t think they realised the height of those waves breaking.

  2. A glorious set of images that capture the ever-changing moods of the ocean. There’s something about a wild sea that seems to spark joy and elation in us, a wonderful feeling! I wonder though why in some it seems to induce recklessness I’ve often seen people stand on rocks on the sea edge on wild days risking being swept away!

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