The penguins at Boulders beach

The charismatic African penguins living in my  neighbourhood are back in the news. A notice was put out last month by the South African National Parks board that a strain of avian influenza virus (H5N8 strain) has been detected in the colony at Boulders Beach.   So far penguin eighteen deaths have been noted.  The state veterinarians are working to contain the outbreak.  Let’s hope they succeed.

19 thoughts on “The penguins at Boulders beach

  1. So tragic to hear of the bird flu outbreak. I hope awareness and treatment came early and that there will be a positive outcome soon.
    I agree with Lucid Gypsy… please, no more problems.

    1. Here’s hoping! The sick birds are being quarantined but hearing that other seabirds – cormorants, swift terms are also infected – there’s much concern. So difficult to contain when wild populations have huge range.

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