On the move

Dear Readers,

I’m on the move again and apologies if posts and replying to comments becomes a bit haphazard over the next few weeks.

Leaving Cape Town the scenes from the plane window show a grim picture of the drought stricken and parched land.  In complete contrast are the rich agricultural fields of the South Downs, East Sussex in England where we are based for the next few days.   Hiking on the Wealdway and South Downs trails brings a new vista of awe at every turn!


19 thoughts on “On the move

    1. Thank you Gilly, looking forward to exploring. The hills and dale sand chalk cliffs are all beguiling :). Wall to wall sunshine and extraordinary bold colours. The spring flowers are fabulously exuberant.

  1. Our landscape here is very similar to your first photo just now. Enjoy the restful green.

    1. Thanks for your comments Jane. The verdant nature of this colour green is a treat! Our dry water stressed landscapes are a concern with the effects of continuing climate change.

  2. Hi there… it;s nice to see the pics posted by you… BTW, pls go to White cliffs of Dover… try to trek instead of vehicling…. sure, you will enjoy…

  3. I’m sorry to hear the drought in South Africa is continuing. Unfortunately, history tells us such things can continue for a long time. Nuclear power plants have fallen out of favor in recent years in many places, but perhaps it’s time for a new and safer generation of them to get to work desalinating sea water.

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