Kew Gardens in early March

Continuing with the theme of snowy scenes,  Kew Gardens takes on the look of a winter wonderland.    Impressive to find the birds continuing on in their daily routine while adopting strategies to minimize the cold – standing on one leg, fluffing up feathers and tucking their bills under scapular feathers.  The light had a quality of translucence casting an opalescent spell over the landscape.  It’s the kind of ethereal beauty which disappears all too quickly.

11 thoughts on “Kew Gardens in early March

  1. You have captured some magical winter wonderland photos here Liz. Love the one legged stance and a reminder that there is something I love about winter – the structure of the bare trees.

  2. Don’t get to see snow any more here in the south Liz, but it sure looks gorgeous in your photos. And as always, lots of interesting and informative information about nature. Wonderful post

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