7 thoughts on “Monday’s Macro: Cape Lappet Moth Larva

  1. They have such lovely faces! I also enjoy the symbiotic relationship between the caterpillars and the cocktail ants. The ant s “milk” the caterpillars for honey dew and, because they are so toxic, the birds and other predators won’t eat the caterpillars.

    1. Aren’t they characterful! Thanks for the interesting comment. I know about mymecochory in the fynbos biome, but this symbiotic relationship milking caterpillars for honey dew is knew to me. I did a little more research on google and found a with a whole new subject – myrmecophily, and terminology to learn about. Thanks! I hope to track some of the action with my camera and interested to see ‘dorsal nectary organs’ and the ants in action. They really are the most interesting insects.

    1. Isn’t the ornamental face hair interesting! Felt tempted to ‘rearrange’ the shaggy mauve fringe to get a better view of the eyes.
      Yes, that’s a symbiotic relationship I’d not come across. Hoping to observe that and document the ants in action.

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